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Vulnerable Children's Appeal

Vulnerable Children's Appeal

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Vulnerable Children's Appeal

The Vulnerable Children’s Appeal is intended to provide interim financial support to families who may face financial hardship, a change in life circumstances that has increased stress and vulnerability of the child or family.

We believe all children have the the right to grow and thrive. Many children experience vulnerability, with 1 in 5 Australian children living below the poverty line, chances are you know a vulnerable child. We aim to provide wrap around case support and essential services like emergency relief, kindergarten inclusion support, or a funded place in child care. You can make a difference.

Case Study 

Alsi is a young Mum living in Australia with two young children. In Turkey Alsi worked as an accountant and was very independent. After moving to Australia, Alsi married and started a family.

Shortly after the birth of their second child, Alsi’s first son James was diagnosed with Autism. 

James’ behaviours can be very challenging and include hitting, biting, hair pulling and self harm. His behaviours are so extreme that he can’t be left alone. Sometimes James tries to get out of the moving car and has managed to remove himself from several car seat harnesses. 

Alsi is the primary carer for James and her new baby Ash, while her husband Cameron works full time in a labour intensive job. She has limited extended support as her family live in Turkey. 

The family have struggled financially and both parents have struggled to maintain their mental and physical health since James’ diagnosis.

In 2016, Alsi and her family were referred to Hume/Moreland Child First and through our Integrated Family Services have started to find the help they need. 

Alsi’s situation was assessed by one of our social workers and in the past 12 months we have helped her access mental health support, financial counseling, emergency relief and additional in-home respite care. 

We have facilitated changes to the family home to make the environment more safe, supported Alsi to find child care for her second child, as well as referring Alsi and James to other support services such as Horses for Hope, in order to build a network around the family.

Visit: www.lentarauc.org/vulnerablechildren

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