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Raised of $1,500 goal

I'm running the Melbourne Marathon 2016, (http://melbournemarathon.com.au/) and raising support for the Lentara Asylum Seeker project.

As a migrant, I understand the pressures of moving to a new country. However those seeking asylum in Australia need much more support. Lentara Uniting Care Asylum Seeker Project does a great job to provide this support in the Melbourne area.

I chose the title "On the Run for Refugees", with the recognition that many refugees and asylum seekers are on the run from many unimaginable horrors - and the least I can do is run for them!

Fleeing war, famine, persecution or unjust government systems, asylum seekers are desperate for a new start in a free country. Asylum seekers need our support because of the stress under which they have fled their home country, the processes which they need to undergo to apply for asylum, and their lack of resources and community. Lentara UC Asylum Seeker Project provide professional casework support, housing, a basic living allowance, sundry other support and assistance, as well as research and advocacy. From simple things like myki cards to healthcare, clothing and housing, a Basic Living Allowance of $145 per month makes a huge difference to these courageous people.

For more information about the Lentara Asylum Seeker Project and Welcome Centre, follow this link ; http://www.lentarauc.org.au/page/127/asylum-seeker-landing-page

You can connect with me on facebook, through my blog (https://nigelhanscamp.wordpress.com), or on Strava.