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21 Mar 2017 at 12:00AM

New Job Readiness Program

Category: Fresh Start


People seeking asylum are not eligible for mainstream employment support programs that assist with job preparation and finding employment. Many of whom have little or no income or are managing on an income that is 89% of New Start Allowance. Our clients with work rights often live in private rental properties and over 50% of their income is used for housing alone.

The program supports people in three ways: 

  1. one on one support to set goals through education, career and skills assessment
  2. information and education sessions on taxation, superannuation, food handling, first aid & barista training.
  3. explores employment pathways based on people’s skills and their desire to participate in meaningful activities

Show your support by choosing employers like Fresh Start who prioritise vulnerable people for employment opportunities.

Visit: www.lentarauc.org.au/freshstart

Category: Fresh Start