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21 Mar 2017 at 12:00AM

Fear Turns To Hope

Category: Asylum Seekers

Ayaan is a mother of two escaping the conflict in West Africa and was referred to Lentara UnitingCare’s Asylum Seeker Program by the Red Cross. 

Upon arriving in Australia, Ayaan and her two children were detained in an onshore detention centre where they spent months living in uncertainty. The children were released on compassionate grounds, into the care of Ayaan’s sister (also seeking asylum), while Ayaan remained in detention. 

Having suffered trauma in her home country, as well as separation and isolation in Australia Ayaan now lives in a state of poverty. Her small family has been granted a temporary humanitarian visa but has no right to work, access to income or safe housing. Living life in the balance, she is destined for further uncertainty under the Australian system. 

We have provided Ayann with a safe house for her and her children, a basic living allowance and material aid. Our case workers support her to access English classes, social groups and mental health support as well as advocate for her at the Department of Immigration. 

Our program supports people seeking asylum with safe housing, a basic living allowance and material aid. The people we support have no work or study rights, no income support and no Medicare. Our aim is that all people regardless 
of their circumstance or status can live with dignity. We are not government funded and are wholly reliant on individual donations, grants and philanthropic fnding.

Thank you to all those who loyally support our asylum seeker programs and services.

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Category: Asylum Seekers