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Kindergarten Inclusion Support Disability


About the Program

Kindergarten Inclusion Support Packages support children with a disability or complex medical needs to access and participate in all parts of kindergarten programs with other children. The aim is to build the capacity of funded kindergartens to support the access and participation of children with disability or complex medical needs.

A range of options are available to enhance the inclusion of children with additional needs in funded kindergarten programs. Inclusion is an essential key to enhancing the lives of all children. It refers to an environment in which all people are valued, feel a sense of belonging and are given opportunities to participate fully and equally. 

The government funds each child to have one year of kindergarten. The educator of a child with a disability can apply for a second year of kindergarten, however there is no guarantee of approval. The educator will need to complete a new application and document how another year of kindergarten will help the child’s development.  ¬

Support from Kindergarten Inclusion Support Packages is in addition to the existing resources available to the kindergarten staff and is not designed to provide full coverage of all costs.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible the child and the kindergarten must meet the below criteria:

•      the kindergarten has a child who has a diagnosed disability or is undergoing continuing assessment of a disability (as defined by Disability Act 2006)
•      the child is at significant risk of serious injury to self or others and/or
•      the child is extremely restricted in their capacity for movement and/or
•      the child has exceptional support needs that require immediate medical intervention for  life-threatening situations 
•      the child is eligible to attend funded kindergarten or
•      the child is eligible for early start.

Minor Building Modifications

Building modification such as ramps and grip rails, which would support a child’s attendance in the kindergarten program and participation in the activities.

How to apply for Minor Building funding

1.      Check that the child and the kindergarten meet the kindergarten inclusion support disability or complex medical
         needs eligibility criteria
2.      Have the early childhood educator submit the application form to Lentara UnitngCare for assessment. 
3.      The application is reviewed by the Regional Advisory Group which is convened by Lentara UnitingCare.
4.      Applicants will receive a copy of a letter regarding the outcome of the application.

Application submission

It is the responsibility of the early childhood educator to complete and submit the application form. This is in consultation with parents and with the assistance of the program support group members. All information provided will be treated as confidential. Kindergarten Inclusion Support Package Application information 

Applications should be submitted prior to the end of term three in the year prior to commencement in the identified funded kindergarten. Late applications, those received after 1 June in the current kindergarten year, will only be accepted under extenuating circumstances.

How is Kindergarten Inclusion Support Package decisions made?

The Regional Advisory Group will consider each application, determine eligibility and the level of support to be provided by the Kindergarten Inclusion Support Packages program. The Regional Advisory Group is made up of a Department Education and Training representative, kindergarten educator, preschool field, early intervention specialists and is convened by a Lentara UnitingCare KIS Convenor.

Funding for eligible applications is provided directly to the organisations responsible for administering the Kindergarten Inclusion Support Packages. The decision regarding the eligibility of the application will be communicated to the educator via a letter and a copy sent to the kindergartens and parents/carers confirming the outcome.