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Lentara UnitingCare (Lentara) is a founding agency of Uniting (Victoria and Tasmania). On October 3rd 2016, Lentara together with twenty UnitingCare agencies and Wesley Mission Victoria, became unified under one single board of governance. 

Lentara would like to formally thank the outgoing Board of Governance for their dedicated service to Lentara's mission.  

Uniting Press Release: October 3rd Announcement.

The Uniting (VicTas) Board meet as the Directors of all 22 founding agencies. As the single unified Board they are leading on the design and build of the emerging organisation.

The Uniting Board of Directors have a broad range of skills and experience within the community services, government and corporate sectors. They live or have worked in metropolitan and regional areas across Victoria, Tasmania and Australia. Many have held past positions within UnitingCare or Wesley Mission Victoria. All are committed to the Uniting Church’s values and ethos and the provision of first class community services.