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Leave Us a Gift in Your Will

Leaving a charitable bequest in your Will to Lentara UnitingCare (LUC) is an effective way to create a lasting legacy and to provide continuing support to the causes and communities you care about.

What is a bequest?

A bequest is the gift of an asset or other right provided as part of a Will, intestacy or settlement. Bequests may be for a particular asset, amount or percentage of the estate and can be made by anyone.

Why leave a bequest to Lentara UnitingCare?

Leaving a bequest to LUC in your Will is a powerful way to ensure the vital support we provide to the community or cause you care about will continue well beyond your lifetime. It is an opportunity to leave behind a lasting reminder of your life and values by empowering change on issues that matter most to you.

What types of bequests can be left?

A bequest in a Will can be left in a number of different ways:

Pecuniary Bequest - A fixed amount specified in a Will.
Residuary Bequest - The remaining value of an estate when all other bequests to family and friends have been made and liabilities have been paid
Reversionary Bequest - Allows a surviving partner to benefit from your estate during their lifetime and then for the balance of the estate to be paid to LUC on their death.

How can I leave a bequest to LUC?

You can choose to leave a gift of any size to LUC where it will be held in perpetuity along with the gifts from other generous donors. You can nominate for your bequest to be allocated to an area of interest by letting us know.

If you choose to leave a bequest to LUC, we ask that you or your solicitor provide us with notification so that we can discuss with you how your bequest can be targeted to ensure its long term viability and impact.  When you notify us of your bequest intention, you are invited to join the LUC Bequest Club.

What is the LUC Bequest Club?

The LUC Bequest Club is our way of acknowledging and thanking you for the gift you will one day give to LUC. As a member of the Bequest Club you can join LUC's community of donors and receive:

Invitations to Bequest Club functions
Invitations to LUC information sessions, networking and social events
LUC newsletters with updates about how we are building healthier, happier communities
LUC’s Annual Report
LUC Bequest Club members are eligible to join and contribute to donor circles. We can also arrange for you to have special involvement with a particular project that may be of interest to you. If you prefer to remain anonymous, we will honour that also.

Next Steps

We recommend that you seek advice from a solicitor to ensure that the wording of your Will reflects your exact wishes. You may also wish to speak to an accountant with respect to taxation and financial matters. We are also very happy to recommend trusted advisors that can assist you with your decision. If you have any questions, require further information or have made a decision to make a bequest to LUC, please contact our Partnership Manager, Jeff Jones on 03 9351 3600

Bequest Language

To help get you started, LUC provides recommended wording for making a bequest in your Will: