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How You Can Work With Us

Partnering for good
A corporate partnership with Lentara UnitingCare is created to meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and marketing objectives, as well as our fundraising and awareness objectives, to achieve a truly mutually beneficial relationship.  It is about partnering for good and creating win-win-win partnerships.

What we do 
Lentara works with the local community and provides a broad range of support services including:

•      Financial Counselling;
•      Emergency Relief;
•      Family Violence Support;
•      Family Support;
•      Asylum Seeker Services; and
•      Children Services including kindergartens and long day care centres

How your support helps
Your support helps us to continue to deliver vital services to some of the most vulnerable members of the community, providing support and access to resources that are critical for sound health, wellbeing and participation in local communities. Lentara’s services are provided to all people irrespective of age, race, religion, language, ability, gender or sexual orientation.

Benefits for your business
There are a range of ways we can work together to design partnerships that work for you and for us, once your corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives are defined.