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Rebates and Benefits

Child Care Benefit (CCB)
CCB is a payment from the Australian Government that helps you with the cost of your child care.

You can get CCB if you are a parent, relationship parent, foster parent or grandparent with a child in your care who is attending child care approved for the purposes of CCB by, or registered with, the Government. You must meet certain requirements to get CCB.

These are services approved by the Government to provide child care because they can meet certain high quality standards and operating requirements. They include: Long Day Care, Family Day Care,

Outside School Hours Care (Including before and after school and during school holidays), Occasional Care and In Home Care.

You can chose to allow a CCB approved child care provider to receive CCB on your behalf from the Government, which means you pay less in fees out of your own pocket.

The amount of CCB you get depends on:

Your income, the type of care you use (CCB approved or registered), the amount of care you use, the reason you are using care and the number of children you have.

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Child Care Rebate

The Child Care Rebate assists parents or guardians who are working, studying or training with their out of pocket child care costs. To receive the Child Care Rebate you must first claim Child Care Benefit. The Child Care Rebate is not income tested.

If you are using approved child care for work, training or study-related reasons the Government will provide you with 50 percent of your out-of-pocket child care costs, up to the annual cap.

You may choose to receive the Child Care Rebate fortnightly, paid either directly to your bank account, or through your child care service provider as a fee reduction. You also have the option of having your Child Care Rebate paid quarterly or annually as a lump sum directly to your bank account.

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