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In Tribute Page

Create an in Tribute page either to honour the memory of a loved one or in celebration of someone or their special occasion by paying tribute and helping continue the work of Lentara UnitingCare. Personalise the page by sharing a story and uploading a photo. Once the In Tribute page has been created you can then share with friends, who can then make a single donation in tribute as well as leave messages of support.

Create an In Tribute Page

Raising funds is a great way to make a positive impact after losing a loved one to Lentara UnitingCare so we can continue our work in local communities your loved one was an integral part of.

Donate to a In Tribute Page

If a page for a loved one has already been created, you can show your support to the family by searching their name  and making a donation to Lentara UnitingCare.

Make a Donation to Lentara UnitingCare

If you would prefer to make a single donation in memory of a loved one, you don't have to make a page you can make a donation to Lentara UnitingCare who supports some of the most vulnerable members of the community, providing support and access to resources that are critical for sound health, wellbeing and participation in local communities.