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Support a Appeal

Help Lentara UnitingCare by participating in any of the appeals listed below. Getting involved in an appeal is great way to support Lentara UnitingCare in our mission to provide continuing support to individuals, families and Asylum Seekers.

Winter Appeal - Help someone have a winter like yours

A story with two endings:
In one scenario, with rent overdue and bills outstanding - the landlord evicts Joe and his children out on the streets. Without anyone to turn to, they are now homeless - no longer able to cook, shower or sleep, making it impossible for him to return to work.

In another scenario, Lentara’s Emergency Relief program is able to provide assistance and support to Joe to help him to pay his bills until he can recover form his injury. Joe is able to return to work, meaning life for him and his family can get back to how it should be.


ASP Project supports people seeking asylum who are living lawfully in the community.
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Addresses emergency situations with people living in our communities.
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Family Services Program

Provides a large number of services across family, children in our communities.
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lentara UnitingCare

Contribute to the support we are providing to Individulas, Families & Asylum Seekers.
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Mens Shed Program

Your vital contribution to the life of men within the Brimbank community.
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vulnerable children FUND

Provides interim financial support to families who may face financial hardship.
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