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RMIT Student Attribution

The above photos of RMIT Studio teachers and students are from 'The Collective Story' book and are used with permission.  

About the Collaboration 

An innovative collaboration with the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University, saw 2016 Undergraduate Communication Design and Media students develop campaigns and identity branding for some of Lentara’s programs and social enterprises. The work undertaken was of such a high quality, that Lentara will look to implement the work throught 2016 and into 2017. As a testament to the collaboration three students have gone on to secure a paid internship in Lentara’s Marketing and Communications department. 

The industry partnership with Lentara was established from a studio model of teaching and learning, which aims to foster real-world engagement with industry practices. In this studio titled ‘Nonfiction Design’ which was referred to as the ‘Idea Collective’ there was an opportunity to explore how the two disciplines of Communication Design and Media could work together. Initial briefing, concepts and design frameworks were presented to the RMIT students by Jeff Jones, Lentara UnitingCare's Corporate Partnership Manager. The outcomes from this interdisciplinary collaboration included graphic design, advertising, branding, film, television, radio and new media practices. 

Lentara would like to make a special thank you to the RMIT students and to the teachers Dr. Seth Keen and Peter West for their enthusiasm and commitment in supporting the collaboration, which has long lasting benefits for Lentara. 

Projects Undertaken 

Asylum Seeker Housing

The students developed a digital campaign designed to generate donations for Lenara's Asylum Seeker Housing Project. Students attended the project, spoke with support workers, interviewed their peers and produced video material for the campaign. Lentara launched the content across our website and social media in line with the release of our September 2016 newsletter. 

Students: Jenny Chieh Ning Hsu, Matthew Jowett, Kotryna Juskaite, Wan Li Loh, Wairimu Wa Mukii, Stephanie Wu

Lentara Winter Appeal

Lentara identified the need for a stronger Winter Appeal campaign and in response the students produced a range of graphic and video collateral. Some of the grahics have already gone live on our website and digital platforms. The remainder of the work is scheduled to roll out periodically until the end of Winter 2016. Visit: www.lentarauc.org.au/winterappeal

Students: Blake Fullwood, Evan Bryce Riddle, Julia Bauerschmidt, Charlotte Cenedese, Matilda McLellan, Nicole Pereira

Brimbank Men's Shed 

The Brimbank Men's Shed funding was scheduled to end on June 30th 2016 and without urgent community support, the service would be forced to close. Students embarked on an emergency awareness and fundrasing campaign which centred on the impact the closure would have on the community. After attending the program and conducting interviews with staff, volunteers and members, the students produced branding and video content that was to be launched on our website and digital platforms in July 2016. Thanks to their efforts as well as an ABC story on the Men's Shed, significant awareness was raised and enough donations were pooled to keep the Men's Shed open for the foreseeable future.

Students: John-Michael Estilles, Chesmond Zon Ho Hiew, Samuel Kwong, Matthew Montalvo, Rizki Prianto Wibisono  

Recycled Clothing

Lentara was looking to redesign their clothing donation bins, which capture essential donations for retail outlets.  In addition to developing store identity branding and donation bin design, students also innovated a social strategy that has the potential to redefine community engagement. Phase one of the project, the rebranding of the bins and stores was aimed to roll out in July/August 2016. Lentara has recently opened Community Wardobe at 133 Puckle st, Moonee Ponds, VIC. Inspiration for this store came from the RMIT students' initial concepts and designs.

Students: Ching Yin Cheng, Chew Sze Ching Grace, Rachel Melisa, Georgia Verrells 

Shower Bus

The concept of a shower bus was given to RMIT students by Lentara. The students developed branding, conceptual models and an extensive retail merchandise strategy with huge potential. The shower bus is a long term project for Lentara and as such have offered the students ongoing input in a skilled volunteering capacity. Lentara hopes to attracts essential corporate partnerships in 2016 which will see the innovation come to life in the following year.

Students: Anita Ganju, Shannon Griffiths, Yun Shan Hou, Katie Lio, Lauren Merritt, Jinlin Shi

United Women 

The United Women project group started out with research into a Womens’ support group in the Asylum Seeker Project. Through this research they detected a need to develop a unified approach towards the varying social services provided to Women by Lentara. Working from the concept of ‘United Women’ they explored the design of potential branding and conducted research into how this initiative could be implemented. This groups' contribution has provided a valuable starting point towards more research and working towards implementing a United Women approach within Lentara.  

Students: Harriet Girle, Morgan Meier, Gabrielle Steele, Joni Strudwick, Yansin Tsui

'The Collective Story'

"The Collective Story' is a book design that documents the studio process and was published by RMIT University.

Cover Design: a collaboration between Samantha Hou and Ti Hoang

Designed and Edited by: Ti Hoang and Seth Keen