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Corporate Volunteering

Every year businesses contribute to Lentara UnitingCare’s Volunteer Program in various ways.

Corporate, or employee volunteering is one way organisations can get involved in Corporate Social Responsibility Programs. These have been growing in popularity, and can help build a more committed, engaged, creative and energetic workplace.

Organisations that engage in corporate volunteering actively encourage their staff to volunteer. Individuals often feel rewarded if they're given a chance to make a positive difference in their communities and the flow-on benefits can include better teamwork, leadership development and increased staff loyalty and morale.

Your teams can assist with various volunteer opportunities including but not limited to assisting with Asylum & Refugee program, community lunches, garden projects, housing projects, emergency relief, Christmas giving program and our bargain centres. 

To discuss opportunities for corporate volunteering please contact:

Bradley Smith | Manager, Community Resources  

t|03 9351 3663 m| 0408 678 542 e| volunteers@lentarauc.org.au          


Malcolm Shimmins | Director of Strategy & Growth  

t| 03 9351 3676  m| 0438 059 068 e| MShimmins@lentarauc.org.au         


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