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Financial Counselling

The financial counselling service supports people on low incomes and those experiencing financial difficulties to achieve financial security and independence.  Our Financial counselling services are free of charge and counsellors are bound by law to keep matters relating to your finances confidential.

Counselling Locations

413 – 419 Camp Road Broadmeadows Vic 3047
(03) 9351 3600

What is a Financial Counsellor?

Financial counsellors are trained to look at your financial situation and identify the options you have to manage your situation. This may include:

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Assets
  • Debts

How can a financial counsellor assist?

  • Think through your options
  • Get a clear picture of your current financial position
  • Negotiate with your current creditors
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities regarding credit
  • Access schemes for people in hardship
  • Create a household budget

What we can’t assist you with:

  • Give you a personal loan
  • Pay your debts
  • Pay your bills
  • Give you investment advice


To make an appointment, contact our Broadmeadows or Sunshine sites. When you meet with a financial counsellor, you should bring anything to do with your financial situation, such as: Bills, Letters of Demand, Bank Statements, Income Statements.