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Communities for Children


What we do

Communities for Children Hume provide services to ensure children have the best start in life by focussing on prevention and early intervention approaches that bring about positive family functioning, safety and child development outcomes for children and their families in disadvantaged communities.

Communities for Children Facilitating Partner Services - develop and facilitate a whole of community approach to support and strengthen local service networks that contribute to child safety. Providing activities directly to individual services to deliver early intervention and prevention family support, tailored to the needs of the local community. Services are family focused and child centred, focusing on children 0-12 years and for some services, adolescents up to 18 years of age.

Who benefits from the program

Communities for Children are aimed at increasing child safety and wellbeing, by addressing known risk factors that impact on the parenting capacity of families, parents, grandparent carers and other carers. Services support the well being of children by building strong parenting skills and stronger and more sustainable families and communities.

How the programs are delivered

Communities for Children Hume’s Facilitating Partners fund other organisations to provide services including parenting support; group peer support for children, families or carers; case management; home visiting services; and other supports to prevent child abuse and neglect. Lentara UnitingCare has been a proud partner of Communities for Children since 2000 and continues to be a valuable service to our local communities.

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